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Information Kenneth Gundersen training camp Spain

For about 20 years ago Stefan Everts was training in Spain in the winter.
Spain is the European country that in the winter has less rain than other places, and your chance of getting complete with the planned training is great. By pure chance Stefan met Juanjo, Juanjo was super interested in Motocross, and he own with his family more hotels. After that Stefan trained in this area almost every winter the rest of his career.The father of Stefan Everts, Harry, was here and trained with Stefan, and he began planning to start a motocross center in Red Sand/Benicasim and suddely it was a reality. After that this place has developed themselves more and more every year, and has now become a base for many of the world's best motocross riders in the winter, but there are also many other riders at different levels, who travel here each year.

In autumn 2013 I called Harry and asked if there was possible to travel to Benicasim with the Norwegian national team. I was invited down and got to meet Juanjo. We agreed that I could start up with a school like Harry. Harry and I has known each other for 15 years back and cooperation between us works well. For me this was a great opportunity, it is so good to be able to use this places for trainingcamps, that Harry and Juanjo has spent 20 years building up.
Why Redsand:

- 4 different tracks within 25 minutes from the hotel.
- Tracks that are always prepared and watered when we arrive in the morning. (Unusual in Spain).
- 4 star hotel with all the facilities.
- Spa / fitness center.
- Secure parking.
- Workshop if this is needed.
- Washing Place ca. 100 meters from the hotel.
- Served breakfast, lunch package and dinner.
- Incredibly nice nature and great atmosphere in the hotel.
- 70 km to Valencia, which is a nice town for those in the family who want to see something else than motocross ...
- Really good climate.

I have been, during my career trained on an incredible number of different places during winters, but this place is much better than anywhere else I've ever been. When I got there the first time, I met Desalle, Nagl and Tixier in the door of the hotel, so it says that this is the place for motocross. Several Teams is there to tests and train every winter.
Map and GPS coordinates:

Map Hotell

Gimeno Tomás 9
Benicasim (Castellón)

GPS coordinates hotell: N40°02'21.3" E0°03'05.2" eller 40.039255, 0.051454

Map track

GPS coordinates track: N40°08'04.0" W0°00'40.3" or 40.134430, -0.011200
Training camp hotel and payment:

The payment for the camp and the hotel needs to be done when you arrive at the first day.

Anyone that wish to attend this camp, must take the whole package with hotel, you can not have a private residence and only participate in training (all or nothing).

If there is anything that is unclear, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.